Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Mortgage Marketing Referral Source

Do you have any kind of marketing plan while you’re thinking of your mortgage marketing business? If not, it is time to take an effective and massive action with your business now. As you know that mortgage marketing business is bit competitive because most mortgage brokers or companies want to provide the best service in order to improve their business and to make long-lasting relationship with clients. For you great help, some referrals sources are being given below that you need to be speaking with every week.  

1. Real Estate Agents: Realtors are counted as one of the best referral sources that most of us working with. Real estate agents do search on finding homebuyers in their whole life. Whether you’re working with any currently or not, don’t give up.  

2. Financial Planner: it would be great source if clients count on you. If they don’t, you will have no chance.  

3. Past Customers: keep in touch with your past customers, whether they are satisfied or non-satisfied. You should not assure they will come back automatically to you when they need loan. It is your job to remind them that you are their loan officer for whole life. This is best loan officer marketing ideas for you as a loan officer.  

We hope this short article will help you decide to take some marketing action in the mortgage business that you have ever had.

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